Vermont Vapor is Closed
Vermont Vapor, Inc., ceased operations on February 28th, 2017. If you want to know why, check out our story.

Vermont Vapor was the oldest wholesale e-liquid manufacturer in America. Formed in June 2009, Vermont Vapor was the first e-liquid company to list ingredients for all its e-liquids and was the first company to implement child resistant dropper bottles.

However, the people behind Vermont Vapor are still around. As one of my last official acts as president, I (Adam) am releasing our "trade secrets" here. I'll give you the recipes for our e-liquids. I'll tell you how, if you have the requisite knowledge, you can make your own "Vermont Vapor" e-liquid in case you want to stick a random finger up at the State of Vermont. And I'll give you handy tips that you might not know.

Why? 'Cause I generally like (most of) our customers. And I've tried other brands and, well, most pretty much suck. Plus, I rule.

~ Adam (President / soon fulltime retiree)

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